Sectional Sofas Under 600

Best Sectionals and Sectional Sofas Under 600

Are you looking for the best sectionals and sectional sofas under 600 with or without reversible chaise? You can get sectional sofas easily but you should be careful. We’ve done a long stretch of time of research to discover 10 best sectionals under 600 for your living space.

So that the sectionals you have purchased exudes the beauty of your living space by providing great features, quality and durability.

10 Best Sectional Sofas Under 600

We’ve done a long stretch of time of research to discover 10 best sectional sofas under 600. I hope that you will find the best sectionals on this list for your living room.

1. BOBKONA 3-Piece Sectional Sofa Set (Under 600)

sectionals under 600

2. Sectionals Sofas Poundex Upholstered (Under 600)

sectional sofas under 600

3. Novogratz Brittany Sectional Sleeper Sofa (Under 600)

sectionals and sectional sofas under 600

4. Modern Linen Fabric Sofa Couch (Under 600)

sofas under 600

5. Chaise Lounges Poundex PDEX (Under 600)

sectional sofas under 600

6. Poundex Bobkona Sectional Set with Ottoman (Under 600)

sectional couches under 600

7. Espresso Sectional Set Poundex (Under 600)

sectionals under 600

8. Sectional Set Left or Right Hand Chaise (Under 600)

couches under 600

9. Poundex Bobkona Reversible Sectional Sofa with Ottoman (Under 600)

sofas under 600

10. Sectional Sofas L-Shape 4-seat (Under 600)

sectionals under 600

# 3-Piece Faux Leather (Sectionals under 600):

sectional sofas under 600

Great option for your living room, featuring a reversible chaise with ottoman, faux leather base and easy to clean. If you have value the money, this cheap modern sectionals might be the one for you.

sectionals under 600

Its design is very attractive. It is made of strong and strong fabric which brings confidence to this sectional quality. Cushions are washable. After cushion wash, the cushions allow for washing to keep it looking fresh and new.

Sectional Sofas Under 600

It is available in 6 colors. You can select the color of your choice.

It is very nice to see. All together great for the price and sturdy enough. Overall, this sectional is also large, providing ample space for all family members, friends and guests sit.

This is a delightful couch that is perfect for everyone sitting together watching a story or watching TV. You can undoubtedly purchase this sofa.

Sectional sofas under $600 Details :-

  • 3 piece Faux leather sectional with L/R reversible chaise,one ottoman,and 2 accent pillows.
  • Solid hardwood frame and frames covered in faux leather.
  • Cushions upholstered in stain-resistant microfiber.
  • Quality poly fiber fill in seat and back cushions.
  • Easy to assembly.
  • All hardware and tools are included with sofa set

Colors: 6 colors are available.

  • Chocolate
  • Brown
  • Mushroom
  • Saddle
  • Sage
  • Wheat

Material: Leather,Microfiber, and hardwood.

Dimentions: 84*78*35 Inches.

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# 3-Piece Reversible Sectional Sofa with Ottoman (under 600)

Sectional sofas under 600

This sofa is easy to set up and is very comfortable. There is nothing I dislike about this sectional sofa. I would definitely recommend this sectionals for you to purchase.

The sofa is very attractive and sturdy to look at. I think everyone in the family will love it. The sofa is available in 3 colors. You can select the color you want.

I am giving this 5 stars for now because so far I have had no issues. The seats are very comfortable. All my family members loved this sofa. I like that I can stretch out on it and watch TV or enjoy a good book.

Sectionals Under 600

I use ottoman as a coffee table and I just put a tray over it holds my remote controls. I spend a lot of time on this sofa and my little dogs spend time with me on the sofa. They like it too.

At first I was very worried about buying this sofa. But now I’m glad that the sofa is very comfortable, very good to see in all respects.

This sofa is large enough to provide ample space for all family members and friends to sit.

Details of Sectionals under 600 :

  • 3-piece sectional sofa set with 2 accent pillows and 1 ottoman.
  • Hardwood frame.
  • Seat cushion filled with foam and inner spring.
  • Comfort and durability.
  • Tufted seat and back.
  • US patented reversible design.
  • Easy assembly.
  • All tools are included with sofa.
  • Perfect for modern home decor.
  • Plush back and seating features accent tuft.

Colors: Available in 4 colors.

  • Tan
  • Chocolate
  • Carmine

Material: Leather,Linen,Pine,Wood.

Pieces: 3 Pieces.


  • 3-seat riversible sectional: 84″*34″*35″
  • 2-seat sofa: 78″*34″*35″
  • Ottoman: 38″*26″*19″

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# Nolany Sectional Sofa Couch Reversible (under 600)

Sectional Sofas With Chaise under 600

If you have medium or large living space, this sofa will fit very well. The design of this sofa is so extraordinary that it will easily catch everyone’s eye.

In this case you will want to consider this sofa with reversible, which provides ample space for all your family members, guests and friends to sit.

This sectional sofa is an L shaped and can be reversed so the chaise can be placed on either side. Overall, it measures 84*118*37 inches. So before you purchase, measure your space to make sure it fits in your living room.

Sectional couches under 600

It is available in 2 colors. Select the modern sectionals of the color that you would like to match with your living room. As a result this sofa will lend a classic vibe to your home.

Reviewers say that this large sectional sofa is very beautiful, which is absolutely perfect for the living room and all the contents of this sectional sofa are pure and very sturdy.

Again, they also say it’s an unbeatable standard for such a large sofa. Because this large sofa is very attractive, comfortable and easy to put together. Wear ability, seam strength,beauty and comfort.

Color: 2 colors are available.

  • blue
  • Ash Grey

Frame: Solid Hardwood.

Material Type: Polyester and polyester blend.

Dimention: 84*118*37 Inch

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# Poundex Sectional with Ottoman (under 600)

Sectional Sofas Under 600

If your living room space is medium or large then this pundex sectionals can be perfect for your living room.

This inexpensive sectional has a fairly large size automaton. You can put a tray on top of the ottoman and use it as a coffee table. It is very firm, strong and comfortable. It is made of soft polyfiber Fabric .

Buyers comment that the sofa can be set up very easily and looking so nice after setup their in living room,and all-in-one sectional is put together easily.

Sectional Sofas under 600 Information:

  • One sectional with pillows and 1 ottoman.
  • Seat cushion filled with foam and inner spring.
  • Durability and Comfortable.
  • Modern design and set it up super easy.
  • Polyfiber Fabric for beauty,wear ability,comfort and seam strength are good.
  • Easy to assembly.The material is great and the size is perfect.
  • All tools are included.
  • The sofa look exactly the same as in the photo.

Frame: Solid Hard-wood.

Color: 3 colors available.

  • Mocha
  • Light Blue
  • Slate

Sofa Material: Polyfiber Fabric


  • Sectional Sofas: 70″x 34″x 35″
  • Reversible Chaise: 75″x34″x35″
  • Ottoman: 35″x 24″x19″

Manufacturer: Poundex

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# Poundex PDEX- Upholstered Sectional (Couches Under 600)

Sectional couches under 600

This is a 3 piece sectional sofa. Its design is very attractive and it is wrapped in solid linen-like fabric that can prevent children and pets together. The classic style will be all tunes between friends and family.

This sofa is very comfortable. The important feature of this is that pillow covers and cushions can be easily moved to maintain the beauty of the couch. There is velcro on the back so you can keep it convenient.

Sectional Sofas under 600

It is available in 3 colors. You can select the color of your choice.

This sofa is easy to assemble and offers the connector to hold three pieces firmly. Another interesting feature of this is the chaise lounge is reversible.

Sectional couch under 600 Details:

  • Durability and comfort.
  • Seat cushion filled with high quality foam and inner spring.
  • Seating capacity is 3 and loose back pillow.
  • Easy to assembly.
  • All tools are included with sofa.
  • linen like for seam strenght,wear ability,and beauty.
  • 3-piece sectional sofa with a matching ottoman.
  • Perfect size for room or apertment.
  • Couch is sturdy and looks great.
  • Fabric is very modern and seems durable.

Colors:3-colors are availabe.

  • Chocolate
  • Grey
  • Sand

Material: Fabric.

Dimention of sectional sofa:

  • 105″*76″*35″

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# 3-Piece Sectional Sofa with Chaise (Couch under 600)

Poundex Bobkona Chaise Sectional sofa

If your living room space is large, you can decorate your living room with this sofa. It will provide enough space for all your family members, friends and guests to sit and watch stories or TV. It is available in 1 colors.

It is very strong and Firm. It is made of very strong hardwood. you do not need to worry about your babies to slip to the ground features side armrests. For durability and comfort seat cushion filled with inner Spring and foam.

Colors:1 colors are available.

  • Black

Material: Linen Like polyfabric, Foam, Inner spring, hard-wood.

Pieces: 3

dimentions: 75″*104″*35″

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# Modern Faux Leather Sectional L shape (under 600)

Sectional sofas under 600

It is Modern Faux Leather Cheap Sectional L Shaped Sofa. It is absolutely perfect for small space. It’s nice to see and it will make your small living room attractive. You can build the position you like.

Sectional sofas under 600 Information:

  • It is very firm and comfortable.
  • Never have to worry about sinking in.
  • Perfect for modern living room.
  • Easy to assembly.
  • No tools needed.
  • Easy to follow instructions to assembly.
  • You can build the position you like.
  • Made with hardwood frame.
  • Seat cushion filled with foam.
  • Overstuffed back cushions.
sectionals under 600

Color: 2 colors are available.

  • Brown
  • Black

Dimention: 78.5*30.3*35

Frame: solid hardwood frame

Material: Leather and wood.

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Finally I want to say, you will be spending your hard earned money on your choice of sectional sofa size, couch covers for sectionals, design and color ( Sectionals under 600 or sectional sofas under 600 )depending on the size of your home. Otherwise, your hard earned money and the beauty of the living room will be lost.

How to Choose Sectional Sofas Under 600 of High Quality For Your Living Space?

When you choose Sectional Sofas under 600, there are many things to consider. Some of the important points are given below:

# Seating capacity:

Sectional sofas and couches are not just for entertaining or for large families. All of the family members or guests sit together at home actually fit the sofas to sit and talk with them. However, it will depend on how many sectional you purchase.

If you enjoy frequent recreation and if the number of people is high you can look for more cushioned modern sofas to provide ample seating for everyone.

# Upholstery:

When you select a sectional sofas and couches, of course, choose the best color, size and appearance as it will be purchased for a long time. You can choose fabrics or bonded leather that is easy to clean.

# Sectional Sofas With Chaise:

Some sectional sofas have a reversible chaise that has been fixed and Can’t move from one side to the other. But other models have to switch which side of this piece will fit.

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If you ever want to move a house or move departmental sofas from one room to another, this is a major plus. Because not all floor plans will accommodate a left or right facing chaise.

# Sectional Sofas with Ottoman: –

If there is an ottoman with sectional sofas sets in your living room, then the beauty of your living room will be enhanced. You can purchase a beautiful looking ottoman.

# Design of Sectional Sofas Under 600:

Sectional sofas of different styles and colors are available in the current online market. Each sectional sofa has its own specialty.

You need to choose the right sofa according to the preferences of you and your family and the size of your living space.If your living room space is small, you can buy a 2/3 seat section sofa.

(a) If the size of the living space is large, you can buy a convertible sectional sofa.

(b) If you want to set up a sofa in the corner of your living room, an L-shaped sectional sofa will be good for you.

(c) But if you have a large number of family members then you will have a U-shaped sofa perfect.

# Price of a Sectional Couch:

When you decide to buy a sectional sofa, the first thing you need to do is look at your budget.

Since your budget is under $600, you need to check and choose a good sectional sofa set for your living room.

There are some sofas that are very nice to look at above, low in price but well checked and found to be made with low quality wood fabric.

So when buying a sectional sofas under 600, refrain from buying a cheaper sofa to save money and never forget to check the sofa materials thoroughly.

–: Some Important TIPS AND TRICKS :–

What Are The Importance of Having a Sectional Couch ?

A sectional sofa is different from all other sofas. There is no substitute for sectional sofas to enhance the beauty of the living space.

Departmental sofas have numerous uses. You can setup as you like. The sectional sofa is able to make the living room of any size more beautiful and functional.

A sectional sofa provides enough seats for all family members and guests to sit and watch stories or TV.

Quite suitable for children and pets, this sectional sofa is very suitable so that children and pets can easily sit and play on the sofa.

Another important feature of the sectional sofa is that the back of the sofa is quite flexible and can also be used as a back bed.

Which is Better for Living Space, Sectional Couch or Love-seat ?

In my opinion every human being in the world has his own preferences and different needs.

However, from my lifelong experience, I would advise you to buy a sectional sofa for the living space as there is no substitute for a sectional sofa to enhance the beauty of a living room.

You can purchase Love-seat if you want but not as comfortable and perfect as the sectional sofa we explained earlier.

How to Install a Sectional Couch in Your Living Room ?

The most prominent and attractive piece of living space in a home is the sectional sofa.

The departmental sofa should be set up in such a way that all the family members and guests can sit together without any hassle so that they can have a nice time and enjoy themselves.

It is better to place the sofa on the opposite side or in the middle of the side where the television is placed, then no one has to turn his head to watch television.

But you can also put it in one corner of the room if you want, it will depend entirely on the size and choice of your room.

——: FAQ :—–

Here are some important questions and answers about sectional sofas and couches under 600 that are good for you to know and will make everything easier for you.

What is a sectional sofa?

A Sectional Sofa (also called sectional couch) is a common type of seat that can be found in the living room, home, office, waiting room for guests or their own use.

These sectional sofas are very different and distinct from other conventional sofas, each part of which can be divided individually.

An important feature of a sectional sofa is that each piece of sofa is very flexible and you can shape the sofa to your liking.

Would a sectional sofa be good for a small living space or small apartment?

Sure. A sectional sofa looks good for a small living room or small apartment. However, for a small living room, if the sofa size is small, it will make it much more beautiful and attractive.What is the average size of Sectional Sofas and Couches?
Sectional sofa is available in different sizes. It will depend on the size of your living space. However, the average size of a sectional couch is usually 95×95 Inches or 98×98 Inches.

What is the maximum number of years a Sectional Couch can be used?

How many years a sectional sofa can be used will depend on you. You can use it for many years if you use it very carefully.

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However, a sectional sofa can be used for 8 to 10 years effortlessly.


It is wise decision to decorate the living room, apartment with sectional sofa.

Because decorating the living room with a sectional sofa is as interesting as it gets but doesn’t look so nice with another sofa set. Sectional sofas of various designs and colors are available in the market today.

When selecting sectional sofas under 600, we have carefully checked the size of the sofa, the materials used, the customer reviews, the price so that you can purchase the best sectional sofa in the market.